Engineering, Project Management, Installation and Decommissioning of Onshore and Offshore Facilities
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Our Services

JAB Energy Solutions provides comprehensive engineering and project management services for decommissioning, abandonment and construction of offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities, platforms and pipelines.

We Stand on Our Record

JAB has compiled a solid record of success that includes projects in some of the most environmentally and politically sensitive offshore and onshore environments. Along the way, JAB has established a reputation for safe, efficient, cost-effective planning and execution of operations in the field.

Value-Based Solutions

JAB delivers solutions based on the project scope and resource constraints. We take a synergistic approach to project management that fully leverages the talents and expertise of our employees while making optimal use of equipment and other resources. For you, that means efficiency – in both costs and time of completion.

Know the Price

Our innovative approach to planning and executing projects enables us to offer another advantage: "Know the Price" pricing. Our teams of experts have the skill and experience to effectively estimate the projects allowing our clients the ability to accurately manage cash flows.


With in house multidiscipline expertise JAB can provide solutions for all of your project needs from facility design though abandonment.

Project Management

Out team has managed projects from $100k to $100mm in value. The many years of experience coupled with our can do attitude give JAB’s Clients a recipe for success.

Offshore/Onshore Decommissioning and Abandonment

JAB’s team is the most experienced team GOM.

Offshore Installation of Facilities

JAB can also assist with your facility installation requirements. Our team has installed over 150 structures in water depths ranging from 5' to 500'.

Refurbishment and Reinstallation of Facilities

In today's economic environment cutting cost and fact turn around is a priority. JAB and Allison Contractors have combined to offer a refurbished platform solution. You provide production data and we provide a cost efficient solution that will have you up and running in a timely manner without compromising safety or integrity.

Permitting and Regulatory Affairs

JAB handles all permitting and regulatory requirements for abandonment and decommissioning. Our PMs are current with the ever changing BOE requirements. We have an impeccable track record for compliance.

Well Plugging and Abandonment Oversight

JAB will go to the file room and locate the required well data. Procedures are then generated and permits obtained. Wells are plugged in accordance with the current regulations and renewed.

ARO Economic Analysis (FASB 143)

As an added value to our clients JAB can provide Abandonment Retirement Obligation numbers. Our numbers will be an accurate assessment of the liability.

Riser-less Sub-sea Well Abandonment

Sub sea wells are expensive to deal with. JAB’s unique and diverse experience allows us to develop most effective solutions for Risen-less Sub Sea well abandonment.

Pressure Vessel Design

With the expansion of our engineering JAB has the ability to design new pressure vessels of re-certify existing inventory. Through our partnership with AMC we can provide engineering, design and construction for all your vessel needs.

Process Simulation/ Facility Design/ Engineering

Given production data and properties we can determine the facility requirement. Our simulation experts will accurately design a system to handle your requirements utilizing the inventory on hand or mixed with new components.

Expert Planning, Predictable Execution.